Our Company

Brothers Mart India mainly deals in e-commerce business, it has paid up capital of ₹20 and authorized share capital of 10 lakhs. It is a non-government company incorporated on 16 march, 2018 in Ahmedabad. It is limited by shares.

It focuses on various e-commerce products to fulfill all kinds of daily needs of customers at affordable rates.

Moreover, company has decided to expand its business by 14 and many new portals which are of different sectors. All these projects are under parent company of BROTHERS MART INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.


To be the Epitome Group of Evolution in the Era of 


To provide the Most Convenient, Secure & Cost Effective Solutions to Connectivity Issues.


Customer Focused :

We put our customers’ interest first ahead of our own. We have focused on their need and tried to find out the best solution which they can use in their daily life and can make it a part of their life. We focus on building long term and personal relationship with our customers.

Responsiveness :

It is said that customer can be retained by serving them in a best way.  We consider responsiveness as part and parcel of providing services to the customers. We have provided all the medium to help our customer to reach to us. We have also focused on how to solve the queries and complaints of our dearest customers.

Affordable Price :

Our main goal behind this group is to encourage people to buy from local businesses to empower them. Thus, our pricing structure is kept at minimal rates considering the needs of our customers.

Quality Assurance :

We are providing our services with the utmost quality level without making any compromise on it. Here, we have focused on breaking the stereotype of higher prices means higher quality. We are providing our services at reasonable rates to our customers.

Integrity :

Integrity is the integration of honesty, trustworthiness, responsiveness, respect and keeping promises. We have followed all these elements of integrity in providing a great service and after sale services to our customers.